420 Services

Build-A-Bong Workshop

     Build your own custom bong from our inventory of bongs and extensions. Start with a base or tall bong and add extensions to make it as tall as you'd like. We also have an upcoming release of our Wacky Connectors, these will be extension connectors that are made in various shapes to help the creativity to flow when you visit our workshop.

420 Games

    We also offer 420 games for private parties and public events. Depending on the cannabis laws in your state we will require that all players bring their own cannabis to play.

Our signature game is the Bong Race where players will try to smoke a whole bong bowl before their opponent. Our standard bowl holds up to .7g of cannabis. We also offer One-hit Challenges where players will have one hit to clear an entire bowl from a bong that's 4ft or taller. Below is a full list of games we offer

- Bong Race

- One-hit Challenge

- Red Light, Green Light

- Bong Pong

- Rolling Contests


You can request to book us for your next party or event below and we'll get back to you within 3 business days. (Mon-Fri)